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What is Forex Trading?

Trading is the price in which both parties (buyer and seller) agree to sell for a product, it is known as ‘the exchange of one item for another’. Participants in the stock market range from small individual investors to large hedge fund traders who can be based anywhere in the world. A trade order is finalised professional at a stock exchange or a brokerage, who executes the order of buying or selling of the product.

There are many different types of trading involved in the market and we will be looking into the following:

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Forex Trading:


The Foreign exchange market also known as Forex is the world’s largest market with approximately $4 trillion dollars traded on a daily basis. According to many individuals, Forex is the most volatile yet thrilling market around. Forex is the constant exchange of currency pairs at a specific price traded within the marketplace. The simultaneous buying and selling of the 2 currencies allow profits to be articulated yet due to fundamental data constantly being release from different countries, these profits can fluctuate. A country’s currency is perceived as a share of a country therefore the value will be directly correlated in how the specific economy is performing alongside how the external population perceives the country. The foreign exchange market is also known as an interbank market due to process in which the trading takes place. Trading the market takes place electronically within a chain of banks on a 24-hour basis. Recently, the evolvement of Internet over the past 2 decades has allowed currency pairs to be easily traded electronically via certain platforms as well as average investors to become involved.


Stocks and Shares


Purchasing a stock within a corporation is completed by owning a single or a number of shares within the company. A share is a representation of owning an agreed proportion of a firm’s assets or capital. A stockholder’s level of ownership will depend on the amount of shares purchased compared to the amount of shares which are available. Stocks from PLC’s will be publicly bought and sold via a stock exchange, for example, London Stock Exchange. The price of a stock/share can increase or decrease depending on certain factors which can influence the perception of the company. Growth Stocks are Income Stocks are the 2 most popular types of stocks. Income stocks are known to carry less risk yet Growth stocks carry higher rewards due to the potential wealth accumulation possible through the price gains.

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